Receiving payments from an Insurance Company which originated from some form of lawsuit? At Parafin, we will assist you in receiving an honest and respectable present value for future Annuity payments.

You have the option to sell any portion of your annuity, and it is 100% completely up to you as to what payment stream to sell. Parafin provides you with two choices to obtain today’s estimated present value:

[1] If you would like a friendly conversation, you can use the contact form below to initiate that conversation; or

[2] If you would like to obtain the present value without having a conversation or providing any contact information, you can go to the Easy Annuity Calculation Form and follow the online instructions accordingly. This website will show you what the lowest net price you should accept for the payment stream, and Parafin would pick up all costs for the legal and assignment fees related to the federally mandated Court Order process.

If you wish for us to review your annuity paperwork, please fax (1-561-828-4660) or email [email protected] (not .com) a copy of your annuity policy issued by the Insurance Company. If this document is not readily available, we can assist you in obtaining a “Benefits Letter” which will typically show what payments you have remaining.

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